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What's new?

Version 3.0.1

Bobby Movie is great app entertainment for friend, your friends and your family. With over ton movies and tv shows are free to bring you excitement, comfortable to use. This release was improved as:

- Best UI & UX

- Filtes Movies, TV Shows, Events

- Improved search engines and added director, actors and actresses.

- Streaming HD on servers, auto choice server for stream available

- Support Chromecast + Airplay

- Full Subtitle 225+ languages

- Multi languages in app: English, Arabic, French, Dutch, Chinese, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian.

- Easily request movies & tvshows and follow up

- Add to favourite to watch it later

- Frequently updated

- Watch offline (next release)

How to install BobbyMovie?

For No-Jailbreak

Please don't remove old version, if after 7 days, it crashes, please reinstall app as below

Step by step:

  • 1. Plugin your device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) to your Mac or Windows via the cable:
  • 2. Download Impactor for MacOS or Impactor for Windows
  • 3. Download BobbyMovie 3.0.1 IPA file
  • 4. Go to Download finder, you will see:
  • 5. Now please install "Impactor_0.9.27.dmg" (MacOS) or "Impactor_0.9.27.exe" (Windows) file.
  • 6. Open Impactor from Application
  • 7. Drag and drop "BobbyMovie_3.0.1.ipa" file from Download finder to "Cydia Impactor" window, it will show the alert view ask you to input your Apple ID as below:
  • 8. After enter AppleID, then press "OK", it will ask you to enter password as below:
  • 9. After enter password, press "OK", it will resign and install app to your device, it maybe takes about 1 minute to complete.

  • 10. Then check your device, and BobbyMovie has been installed into your device:
  • 11. Open Bobby Movie, an alert will show as below, touch on “Cancel” to close it
  • 12. Go to Settings → General → Device Management. Your Apple ID will be filled at “DEVELOPER APP”, then choose it:
  • 13. Touch on “Trust ….”, an alert will show to confirm and Trust
  • 14. Open BobbyMovie and enjoy app now. Thanks